An Event Automation Platform that enables a scalable, repeatable event management process.

About Attendease

Attendease is a cloud-based marketing automation solution for corporate event managers and teams. A modern, feature-rich event management software that enables the management of an entire range of events of all types and sizes. Finally, consolidate around one event automation solution for all your events.

Robust foundation for your event management

Attendease provides event teams with powerful event management software that serves as a foundation for all your event execution tasks.

A single source of truth for all your events

Finally, consolidate multiple tools and store your event data in one place to optimize your time and resources – no more spreadsheets or unintegrated tools.

A bird’s eye view into your entire portfolio of events

Managing multiple events has never been easier! Attendease helps corporate planners effortlessly plan, organize and manage an unlimited number of events at any scale.

Automate tasks to drive productivity

Attendease enables event coordinators and managers to automate tasks, create workflows, clone and repeat events to increase productivity and work more efficiently.

Easy-to-use, modern interface

A modern Event Publishing Engine with intuitive navigation, visual tools, ability to drag and drop, and unlimited event site templates will make the event production process simple, effortless and cost effective.

Integrate into your marketing stack

Attendease will seamlessly integrate with your sales and marketing tools and become an organic part of your marketing data and campaigns with integrations to leading tools such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack (and others).